It’s debatable That you’ll beat our black satin inflatable The leopard print pod will capture your smile Have a great Party and have it in style

Our Inflatable Quirky Cube Photo Booth is the perfect solution if you are looking for a Photo Booth that can cater for large groups of guests having their photos taken together. This versatile Photo Booth looks fantastic at every kind of event from Prom Nights to Weddings to Parties.

Quirky Photo Booths specialises in “quirky” when it comes to the creation of their unique Photo Booths. Offering a wide range of themed Photo Booths from Wild West to Vintage Circus to Bollywood and many more. Our Photo Booths are second to none.

That’s why Quirky Photo Booths is the only company in the UK to offer custom designed Photo Booths that are totally unique and not to be found anywhere else and that is why our fantastic themed Photo Booths can be found at a wide range of events all over the UK.

Guests enjoying the inflatable cube photo booth
Guests enjoying the inflatable cube photo booth

More on our Inflatable Quirky Cube Photo Booth

Our Inflatable Quirky Cube Photo Booth is an extremely versatile and fun looking Photo Booth for hire, with its satin black appearance it is a stylish addition to any event and it has made its appearance at numerous Prom Nights, Weddings and Parties. This type of Photo Booth has a larger capacity than the normal hard framed booths so the photos it produces have an even more fun element to them as it can cater for up to eight guests at a time which adds to the party atmosphere immensely.

With a timeless, sophisticated look, the Inflatable Quirky Cube Photo Booth looks fantastic at all venues from stately homes, country halls, summer festivals to stylish hotels.
The Inflatable Quirky Cube Photo Booth is the perfect choice if time is of the essence when it comes to having a Photo Booth in place at the venue as it can be up and running quicker than the more conventional hard framed booths.
The outer appearance of the Inflatable Quirky Cube Photo Booth is a satin black quilted design on all sides of the cube giving the Photo Booth a beautiful chic appearance. The inside of the cube is a multitude of colours as LED lighting constantly shifts the colour spectrum creating a kaleidoscope of ever changing colours to light up the special event.

The Inflatable Quirky Cube Photo Booth is particularly versatile for many different events as there is a choice of stylish signs that can be attached above the doorway ranging from “Prom Night” and “Mr & Mrs” signs in elegant gold lettering to a “Party” sign in multicoloured bubble lettering.
With the Prom Night and Wedding theme the Photo Booth is enhanced further with the addition of beautiful chains of flowers that caress the top and sides of the cube along with additional flowers sited in front of the Photo Booth around the doorway.

The outer appearance of the Inflatable Quirky Photo Booth is completed by a beautiful red carpet (if space permits at the venue) leading up to the doorway with golden stanchions and red rope connectors giving the approach to the Photo Booth a catwalk, celebrity look and feel that perfectly compliments a stylish event in a stylish venue.
Inside the Photo Booth is a fully automated “quirky” pod. This stand alone Photo Booth pod is a custom built design that houses the camera and touchscreen with professional lighting mounted on the top.

The pod has been created to look elegant with all the sides cloaked in a leopard print design giving the whole appearance of the pod a bohemian feel in its sophisticated quirkiness.
The Photo Booth Pod is fully automated so when entering the Quirky Cube, guests are requested to pick a green screen background to enhance their photos. With hundreds of green screen backgrounds to choose from prior to the event we have green screens to suit all tastes ranging from glitzy bling backgrounds to traditional red curtains and specific green screens to match a themed event.

With all of our unique themed Photo Booths a large selection of fun props are available for guests to delve in to and create their crazy looks for the camera; from colourful wigs to silly hats, bushy moustaches to crazy glasses. Everything is at hand for guests to pout and pose to their hearts content inside the Inflatable Quirky Cube Photo Booth.
As part of the package, Quirky Photo Booths provides a unique hand crafted guest book to suit all themes which is a perfect memento for the host of the party or the bride and groom of the wedding as guests have an opportunity to place one of their photos in the guest book and write some comments.

In recent years, more and more the Photo Booth has become a “must have” at Weddings, Prom Nights and Parties and there is no better way to get guests interacting at an event The photos it produces provide fantastic memories whether it be your guests and family that have all come together for a wedding or memories of all your friends in your final year of school at the traditional Prom Night.

So if you want your special event to feature a unique Photo Booth designed with incredible attention to detail, if you are trying to steer away from the mass produced, generic looking Photo Booths then look no further than Quirky Photo Booths for your solution.

All of our Photo Booths have been custom designed and created with a quirky theme in mind that makes them clearly stand out from the crowd. Our Photo Booths are guaranteed to wow your guests and the queues at all of our events speak for themselves when it comes to popularity.
So if you are looking for a stylish Photo Booth that can be set up and running very quickly and can cater for larger groups of guests then book the Inflatable Quirky Cube Photo Booth today. Don’t be a square, be a cube and inflate your event to the next level.

Guests enjoying the inflatable cube photo booth
Guests enjoying the inflatable cube photo booth

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