The Saloon Bar Photo Booth


Saddle up for a fun filled Wild West Photo Booth Experience. Suitable for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly – For the Magnificent Seven or the Lone Ranger. Put on your hat, strike a pose and grab a fistful of photos. YEE-HAW!!

The Wild West Saloon Bar Photo Booth is a great addition for Wild West themed events, fancy dress occasions, Cowboy hoe downs, re-enactment festivals or simply something quirky and different for your party or wedding.

Quirky Photo Booths is an established, professional photo booth hire company with vast experience over many years and an eye for detail. We have supplied our unique themed photo booths all over the UK from corporate events, parties, festivals to weddings.

That’s why Quirky Photo Booths stands out from the rest. Not only do we use all the latest technology, we have fabulous, unique themed photo booths which you won’t find anywhere else.

wild west photo booth hire
picture of guests enjoying the wild west saloon bar photo booth
picture of guests enjoying the wild west saloon bar photo booth

More on our Wild West Saloon Bar Photo Booth:

Our Wild West Saloon Bar Photo Booth is guaranteed to look great at your hoe down, corporate event, Wild West themed party or even a wedding where you are looking for a rustic theme with a twist. The photo booth has looked fabulous at numerous venues where you have other themed stalls such as hoopla’s, tin pan alley shooting galleries, coconut shies and bucking bronco and the photo booth sits perfect in venues where the room has been dressed with gingham table cloths, straw bales and upturned beer barrels acting as tables. Guests love to visit the booth when they are looking for a rest from their line dancing or riding the bucking bronco.

Quirky Photo Booths has paid special attention to the custom design of the Wild West Saloon Bar Photo Booth with its vintage feel and spaghetti western styling.

The front of the photo booth has a rustic wooden slat design which is adorned with vintage wanted posters featuring such infamous outlaws as Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy and the Sun dance Kid, the Wild Bunch and Kid Curry. Alongside these wanted posters are additional Rodeo and Whiskey distillery posters. The rustic wood panelling effect continues around the side of the photo booth and on the opposite side is a fantastic full length image of saloon bar swing doors.

Quirky Photo Booths always goes the extra distance in the design of its themed photo booths and the Wild West Saloon Bar photo booth is no exception. The photo booth incorporates hessian sack curtains which are held in place with a set of handcuff tiebacks and either side of the doorway are rope tied hessian malt and barley grain sacks.

To complete this stunning authentic Wild West style photo booth a sign is mounted above the doorway which reads “Wild Bill’s Ace’s & Eight’s Saloon” which is illuminated with LED soft white globes which conjures up the vintage vibe brilliantly.

Quirky Photo Booths always offer a large selection of props to suit all of their themed photo booths and with the Wild West Saloon Bar photo booth guests can choose from numerous cowboy hats, neckerchiefs, bushy moustaches, toy guns, hobby horse and for the ultimate silly pose why not try our horse’s head!

On entering the Wild West Saloon Bar photo booth there is a large selection of green screen backgrounds to enhance your photos, why not choose to be standing alongside Clint Eastwood or maybe standing in the desert amongst the cactus trees or in a saloon bar or in the middle of Dodge City. With numerous backgrounds to choose from Quirky Photo Booths will make your Wild West photo booth experience complete.

Quirky Photo Booths also provide unique, custom designed photo templates to complete your Wild West photo booth experience. All templates can be customised with your name, date or event title and can even include a corporate logo if required. Quirky Photo Booths offer a wide choice of Wild West themed templates ranging from a grand canyon scene, romantic cowboy and cowgirl, rustic wood effect, cowboy hat, boots and rope scene and not forgetting our most popular template, the Wanted poster photo strip.

Quirky Photo Booths also provide a bespoke, handcrafted guest book for your event if required with a cowboy themed design.

So if you are looking for a cowboy themed photo booth then mosey on down to Quirky Photo Booths and giddy up and give us a call as this photo booth is a “one of a kind”.

picture of the guest book
picture of guests enjoying the wild west saloon bar photo booth

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