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The Mr & Mrs Wedding photo Booth

The Mr & Mrs wedding photo booth has proven to be one of our most popular booths for hire at weddings of all types although it is especially popular with vintage and rustic style weddings.

This type of wedding still continues to increase in popularity year on year. Whether it is a wedding on a budget or a huge extravaganza this photo booth perfectly compliments both settings.

Whether your venue is a fairy lit rustic barn, stately home, castle or wedding marquee our Mr & Mrs booth, with its subtle, vintage appearance will blend in beautifully.

This versatile wedding booth has interchangeable overhead signs and has been used for several Mrs & Mrs weddings however we are still waiting for our first Mr & Mr wedding.

So whatever your venue, budget or type of wedding our wedding photo booth is a fun and pretty addition to your special day.

Mr & Mrs Wedding photo booth
vintage caravan photo booth hire beautiful backdrop

Dolly, the vintage caravan photo booth

Vintage and Rustic style weddings are all the rage and continue to grow in popularity each year as we have found travelling up and down the country with Dolly the Vintage Caravan Photo Booth.

She has attended some amazing events from weddings, garden tea parties, castles, indoor shopping centres, zoos to corporate events.

Everyone seems to appreciate Dolly the Vintage Caravan Photo Booth for the ultimate quirky photo booth and the bride and groom often use Dolly as a backdrop and pose in front of her for their photographer.

These days there is such a variety of stunning wedding venues that have beautiful grounds and amazing outdoor settings in addition to their indoor facilities, from pretty country cottage style, formal and elegant stately home gardens to magical woodland areas twinkling with fairy lights and festoon bulbs.

It is within these types of settings that Dolly the Vintage Caravan Photo Booth looks perfectly at home and is guaranteed to make a beautiful event even more stunning.



Asian Weddings are often a vibrant, extravagant affair and our stunning Bollywood photo booth epitomises this theme.

Our Bollywood Indian wedding photo booth looks stunning and blends in perfectly with the colour and vibrancy of Bollywood dancers, Bhangra drummers, south Indian dancers in Dhotis and guests in a flurry of colourful saris or golden kurta pyjamas. Whether the wedding is being held in a luxury hotel, a beautiful stately home or in pretty gardens inside an elegantly decorated marquee our stunning Bollywood photo booth adds to the enchantment of an Asian wedding.

Asia is a rich tapestry of different cultures and this is often reflected in weddings and it is becoming more and more common for young couples to mix tradition with contemporary themes, so it is not uncommon to see our Bollywood photo booth sited near to the mandap, where the newly-wed couple sit on their beautifully decorated thrones.

Our Bollywood photo booth also looks fantastic if your event happens to be an Arabian Nights theme with its regal golden front boards and colourful saris; imagine Bedouin tents, flying carpets and Ali Baba baskets.

picture of the bollywood booth for indian weddings
picture of the wild west saloon bar photo booth

Wild West Saloon Bar photo booth

Themed parties and fancy dress events are all the rage these days and our Wild West Saloon Bar photo booth fits in perfectly at any cowboy party or spaghetti western event.

This photo booth has been seen at many a hoedown event and has looked fantastic stationed alongside a bucking bronco, coconut shy and tin pan alley shooting gallery.
Guests just love dressing up in cowboy hats, wearing sheriff badges and moustaches and many can’t resist posing and taking photos outside of the Wild West Saloon Bar photo booth before they have even entered.

This unique booth is a one of a kind and has been designed with particular attention to detail so that it is guaranteed to enhance any cowboy themed event.

So if you happen to be at a hoedown and you see this stunning photo booth, before you skedaddle off to the bar to wet your whistle, giddy up, head ’em up, move ’em out and pony over to the photo booth and strike your meanest outlaw pose.


Vintage Circus photo Booth

It’s all about nostalgia and everyone loves a blast from the past.

Our stunning Vintage Circus photo booth takes you back to images of the olden days, reminiscent of tales from parents and grandparents of magical circuses brimming with the exhilarating vibrancy of acrobats, jugglers, trapeze artists, tight rope walkers, uni cyclists, clowns and fire eaters.

Our Vintage Circus photo booth has proven to be even more in demand since the release of the blockbuster “The Greatest Showman” which emphasised the vintage circus and colourful acts in all their glory.

Everyone loves dressing up for our Vintage Circus photo booth with their red noses, clown wigs and bow ties.

PT Barnum famously once said “The noblest art is that of making others happy” and this photo booth certainly achieves that wherever it goes, whether it be the main centre piece in the circus ring or a fabulous side show. Our vintage Popcorn Machine and vintage Candy Floss Machine are popular extras that further enhance the circus atmosphere.

picture of the vintage circus photo booth

Bling Prom Night / PARTY Booth

If you are looking for some dazzling bling for your party or event then look no further as Quirky Photo Booths presents the Bling Party / Prom Night photo booth.

This is one of our most versatile photo booths in our range because apart from the ever popular Party or Prom Night event this photo booth can be easily adapted to become a fantastic Christmas themed Grotto photo booth for adults to enjoy, not just children and this has proved to be very popular for corporate Christmas parties.

This photo booth has also made appearances at Glam Rock themed party nights where the venue has required a blitz of glitz.

Our Bling photo booth for party or prom nights will light up your night at any event. With over 200 twinkling LED fairy lights this photo booth is guaranteed to illuminate your party and your guests will love posing outside the photo booth before they enter with props to strike their fun poses.

Our Photo Booths 1
picture of the roaring 20's photo booth

The Roaring twenties gatsby photo booth

One of our recent additions to Quirky Photo Booths is the Great Gatsby Roaring 20s photo booth.

Think Charlie Chaplin, Clara Bow, Laurel and Hardy, glamorous flapper girls and caddish gangsters with their molls.

When people are holding a themed party or event we have found that the 20’s era is a very popular choice.

This is probably due to the stylish and elegant attire associated with that time from ladies with fringed dresses – long gloves or beautifully tailored evening dresses to dapper gentlemen and gangsters in their hats and spats.



Introducing our satin black inflatable Quirky cube photo booth.
This particular photo booth is an extremely popular choice with its sophisticated exterior appearance, multi coloured LED lit interior and boutique-esque leopard print camera pod.

This photo booth is perfect for large parties and events as this super sized cube means that more of your guests can be together in the fun photo shots.

Our inflatable Quirky Cube photo booth can be adapted to suit various events and themes as it can be decorated for Weddings, Parties and Prom Nights with interchangeable signs.

So for occasions when the client wishes to fit more guests inside a photo booth or you are simply looking for a sophisticated photo booth with a sultry black and gold theme, this is the perfect solution.


the christmas photo booth

Christmas is all about glitter, sparkle, tinsel and baubles so if you are looking for a festive Photo Booth for your occasion then look no further.

Our Christmas Photo Booth has proven to be very popular during the festive season and has made numerous appearances at parties, office celebrations and major corporate events all over the UK.

Dressed most definitely for the occasion, this Photo Booth will bedazzle your guests with over 200 ice white LED lights, silver holographic panels all decorated with the Christmas cheer of tinsel and baubles. Guests will love posing outside this photo booth in preparation for when they enter with their Christmas props to strike a festive pose for the camera.

In addition many events have also chosen our Christmas Candy Cart to stand alongside the Photo Booth to add some nostalgic fun to the occasion. With a large selection of retro sweets in vintage jars, wrapped with red ribbons, this Candy Cart is definitely a popular focal point for the guests.

menu and slider photo of Christmas photo booth