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Candy floss can be a great addition to your special day and is loved by adults & children alike.

Our retro cart will take you right back to your childhood where you will get to see the candy floss being spun for all your guests.

Hire includes:

  • A traditional retro Candy Floss machine
  • Candy Floss will be spun at suitable times during the event
  • Sticks
  • A professional member of staff
vintage candyfloss machine hire

More on our Vintage Candy Floss Machine:

Everybody just loves Candy Floss, whether old or young the sweet sugary taste has been a popular treat for over a century. It conjures up wonderful childhood memories of fun fairs, street carnivals, circus and seaside holidays as the special treat that you always looked forward to. “Candy Floss IS childhood, the best bright moments you wish could have lasted forever”.
Candy Floss or as the Americans call it “Cotton Candy” was first invented in 1897 by dentist William Morrison and confectioner John C Wharton and was first introduced to a paying public at the Worlds Fair and at the time they sold it as “Fairy Floss”.

Candy Floss is nothing but sugar however the magic comes from heating the sugar so that it liquefies, spinning it centrifugally through minute holes in which time the sugar rapidly cools down, solidifying into fine strands. These strands then build up around the edges of the drum and are caught on sticks which are spun by hand to build up fantastic tasting balls of candy floss.

Quirky Photo Booths Vintage Candy Floss Machines are a superb addition to any type of function and have delighted guests up and down the UK. Our Candy Floss Machine is a very popular extra when guests have booked one of our photo booth packages, adding that extra something special to the occasion. As well as the pretty sight of our retro pink machines, people can’t stop being fascinated watching our attendants spin the sugar into fantastic balls of cotton candy which they can then take away on sticks or if the event happens to be very busy our attendants will often place the candy floss into bags which makes it especially appealing for parents with small children in smart wedding suits!!

Our Candy Floss Machines have made numerous appearances at rustic weddings, Asian Weddings held in stately homes, Castles, Abbeys, Marinas & Hotels. It perfectly compliments many different themed events and often shows up alongside our retro Popcorn Machine and Vintage Circus Photo Booth or alongside our Wild West Saloon Bar Photo Booth at hoe downs. It has also appeared alongside our Great Gatsby Roaring 20s Photo Booth and Bollywood Photo Booth as Candy Floss seems to cross all generations and cultures and connects everyone together with love for this wonderful sugary delight: a bite of Heaven.

As the saying goes “Life is better in Pink” so hire one of our retro Candy Floss machines today so that your guests can drink bubbles with a side of cotton candy and leave a trail of glitter wherever they go because “Candy Floss is the most amazing form of caramelisation ever to be invented by man”. It is guaranteed to wow your guests and add that extra special touch to an already special occasion,. Place it next to one of our stunning Photo Booths, Candy Cart and retro Popcorn Machine to create a truly magical experience for everyone on your wedding day or at your themed event.