The Roaring Twenties Gastby Photo Booth

Stop flapping around, the roaring 20’s booth is in town. Grab a prop for elegant style, cloche hat, boa and charming smile “A Great Gatsby party never killed nobody”.

The Great Gatsby Roaring 20’s Photo Booth is the perfect, stylish addition to a 1920’s themed party, wedding or corporate event. This Elegant, dapper photo booth is guaranteed to wow your guests with its classy, swanky appearance.

Quirky Photo Booths has been providing their unique, custom made, themed photo booths all over the UK for many years and can provide a wealth of experience when it comes to creating a perfect photo booth experience for your special event or wedding.

This is what makes Quirky Photo Booths the UK’s No.1 photo booth company when it comes to unique themed photo booths so if you are looking for a photo booth that is both quirky and like no other then look no further as all of our booths are a “one of a kind”

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More on our Great Gatsby Roaring 20’s Photo Booth:

Quirky Photo Booths Great Gatsby Roaring 20’s Photo Booth has proven to be a very popular choice of photo booth over recent times due to an ever increasing popularity of the 1920’s era. This era seems to have really taken off since the huge, ever growing fan base of the gritty drama series “The Peaky Blinders”. People just can’t seem to resist donning flat caps and attempting to act out the characters in front of the camera. Aside from this successful hit drama, the 1920’s has always proved to be a very popular theme for parties mainly due to the glamour and elegance of the attire of that era such as the fringed dresses of flapper girls and elegant ladies in cloche hats looking a picture of sophistication posing with their cigarette holders or ladies in beautiful gowns wearing many strings of pearls to the dapper gentlemen and gangsters in their hats and spats.

Adding to the popularity of the 1920’s era was the abundance of iconic figures that still prove to be popular to this day such as Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Clara Bow, Greta Garbo and not forgetting infamous gangsters of the time such as Al Capone, Pretty Boy Floyd and Machine Gun Kelly to name but a few.

Quirky Photo Booths prides itself on capturing the essence of every theme perfectly and the Great Gatsby Roaring 20’s photo booth is no exception.
The front of the photo booth incorporates vertical black and white stripes that perfectly conjures up a post Victorian monochrome style. This is then further enhanced with a beautiful black door curtain and black side drapes. The overall, sophisticated appearance of the photo booth is then topped off with the stunning Roaring 20’s sign above the doorway which is a black and gold design in an Art Deco styling which is then further enhanced by beautiful soft white LED mini Hollywood bulbs.

The colours in the overhead sign is perfectly complimented by the black and gold posters that don the front of the photo booth and complete the dapper, stylish look.

The posters are a mix of vintage signs and popular phrases from the Great Gatsby film. The posters include a black and gold Great Gatsby design, a vintage photo booth sign and two posters with famous quotes from the Great Gatsby film, “A little party never killed nobody” and ” Time to drink champagne and dance on the tables”.

Quirky Photo Booth Hire also offers an alternative choice of posters representing icons of the era which include posters of two elegant flapper girls, a Charleston dancer, Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy.
To finally complete the elegant look of the Great Gatsby Roaring 20’s photo booth a red carpet is rolled out up to the entrance of the photo booth with gold stanchions and red rope creating a perfect walkway for the queuing guests.
As with all of our themed photo booths a large array of props is provided to complete the photo booth experience. Ladies are able to delve into the prop box and dress up in cloche hats, feather head bands, feather boas and don cigarette holders, perfecting their ultimate pose for the camera whilst the gentlemen have a large choice of gangster hats, glasses and moustaches (or more commonly called whisk brooms in the 1920’s) to complete their pose.

Guests upon entering the Great Gatsby Roaring 20’s photo booth have a large selection of green screen backgrounds to enhance their photos. These green screen backgrounds include Great Gatsby artwork, Art Deco patterns, New York skyline and the famous Hollywood hillside sign or why not pose next to Charlie Chaplin or Laurel and Hardy to achieve the ultimate silly photo!

Quirky Photo Booths offer a large range of photo templates to suit the particular theme of the photo booth which can then be customised with the name and date of the event and also include corporate logos if required. The photo templates include designs in traditional photo strip style or postcard style and include Great Gatsby designs, flapper girls designs, Charleston dancers designs and many more.

The Great Gatsby Roaring 20’s photo booth has attended many 1920’s themed events including some amazing stately homes up and down the country. This particular photo booth has looked fantastic at themed events in rooms decked out with golden pineapples, giant potted palms and Art Deco arches, mirrors and cocktail bars. These events also featured fabulous Jazz / swing bands or should we say “Whangdoodle” which was the term of the day for the jazz band, and also amazing New Orleans Dixieland bands in their striped jackets, boater hats and bow ties who had the guests hopping to such classics as Sweet Georgia Brown, Dr Jazz and the music of Jelly Roll Morton.

So if you are looking for the perfect photo booth to complete your 1920’s themed party then Quirky Photo Booths has the booth for you. Book our Great Gatsby Roaring 20’s Photo Booth today, without delay as it is very popular. Then you can tell your guests to not be wet blankets, drink plenty of giggle water, grab a prop and strike a pose!

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