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All housemates are requested to pick a prop of their choice and make their way to the Diary Room Photo Booth. The team with the best pout and pose will have successfully completed their task. YOU DECIDE. The team that loses will be up for eviction.

Our Big Brother Diary Room Photo Booth has proved to be extremely popular over recent years and various events ranging from Parties, Themed Nights, Corporate Events, Prom Nights and has even made its appearance at Weddings where the Bride & Groom were looking for a Photo Booth with a difference.

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More on our Big Brother Diary Room Photo Booth.

The creation of our Big Brother Diary Room Photo Booth came about due to the popularity of the Big Brother TV Show.
The show which was first aired in the UK in 2000 was the forerunner of all reality TV shows and since it’s launch it has proven to be very popular and since then, numerous reality shows in various formats continue to fill the TV airwaves.
An integral part of the Big Brother show was the Diary Room where contestants either visited to vent their emotions or were summoned to explain their behaviour to Big Brother.
Over the years there have been many fantastic, memorable incidents and moments in the Big Brother Diary Room which have gone down in modern media history as legendary TV.
With this in mind, Quirky Photo Booths decided it would be fun to create a Big Brother Diary Room Photo Booth experience for people who were looking for a photo booth with a difference. This particular photo booth has been the main talking point at numerous corporate events and has proven to be very popular at Prom Nights where guests have enjoyed posing with various Big Brother backdrops.

Big Brother uses a different design and set theme for each series and when people were asked by us which series design did they think was the most popular and memorable most people said Series 16 which was the vaudeville design. So with this in mind Quirky Photo Booths decided to use this theme to create their unique Photo Booth.
The fantastic design of this photo booth starts with the stunning replica Big Brother eye sign above the doorway which was regularly seen at the beginning of each episode of series 16. The vaudeville eye design is made up of numerous intricate patterns of vintage black and white stripes and red backgrounds with gold stars with various words and phrases synonymous with the show such as “you decide”, “Big Brother”, “Vote”, “Nominate” and “Evict”. All of this wording is created in old fashioned carnival style lettering and then all of these elements are brought together in the shape of an eye. This fantastic sign above the doorway is then further enhanced by soft white, LED, Hollywood style globe bulbs which completes the vintage style theme.
The front of this amazing photo booth has vintage black and white striped panels which are then further enhanced by two large LED stars and two custom designed signs. The first sign is based on a circus style arrow in gold and red which reads “Big Brother Diary Room” and points the way in and the second sign uses the famous Big Brother saying which is “You decide”. Both of these signs are designed with circus style writing and illuminated with dazzling LED bulbs.
The sides of the Big Brother Diary Room Photo Booth are graced with plush red velvet curtains with stylish gold tassels which is then replicated for the doorway curtain with beautiful gold tiebacks.

Quirky Photo Booths always provides a large array of silly props for guests to delve into before entering the Photo Booth ranging from silly hats and wigs to glasses, moustaches and lots more.
Upon entering the Big Brother Diary Room Photo Booth guests are presented with a choice of green screen backgrounds to enhance their photos. We have chosen a variety of Big Brother scenes for your green screen backgrounds, one of the most popular is the actual Diary Room used on the show so that your guests look like they are actually featuring in the show. Other popular backgrounds use the different Big Brother eye designs and then for the ultimate silly picture why not choose to be alongside some of the most popular characters to have entered the Big Brother house over the years. Who can forget the Jedward twins in their baby nappies with their dummies or Megan McKenna’s infamous rant at Big Brother or why not pose alongside the host Emma Willis to impress your friends.

With all of our Photo Booths we provide a fantastic custom, hand crafted guest book for your guests to place one of their crazy creation photos in and write comments. Quirky Photo Booths also provide a large selection of templates for you to choose from to suit your theme which is then further enhanced with the name and date of the event and for corporate events a logo can also be added.

So if you are looking for a photo booth that’s quirky, unique with a silly twist then the Big Brother Diary Room Photo Booth is the one for you. So please take your seats as the event is about to begin, this is Day.1. in the Big Brother house and most of the housemates are in the function room. “This is Big Brother, will all of the guests please come to the Diary Room and grab a prop, the challenge for the day is who can pull the silliest pose in front of the camera” – who wins – you decide!

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