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Take a little walk and go across the tracks, to a Photo Booth is where you’ll find us. Grab yourself a prop, moustache or a hat, by order of the Peaky Feckin’ Blinders

First launched in 2019 our stunning Peaky Blinders Photo Booth has proven to be an extremely popular addition to our themed booths collection. The runaway success of this gritty drama has made the gangster theme very popular for all types of events from parties to corporate functions.

QuirkyPhotoBooths has been at the forefront of providing unique, individually crafted photo booths for many years and with a wealth of experience you can be assured that our booths will more than enhance your event theme whether it be a rustic wedding, a vintage circus event, a cowboy hoe down or glitzy party.

That’s why Quirky Photo Booth Hire is the No.1 choice for providing amazing Photo Booths all across the UK, utilising the latest technology and software they are guaranteed to add something special to your occasion.

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More on our Peaky Blinders Photo Booth:

The Peaky Blinders Photo Booth is guaranteed to look fantastic at your 1920’s gangster themed event, corporate event or even themed wedding if you are looking for something different to wow your guests. Since the Peaky Blinders drama first appeared on our screens in 2013 it has become one of the most popular TV series of all time and season after season it continues to retain its popularity. The fashion has swept designer shops and high streets alike, with many people wanting to achieve that dashing Tommy Shelby look or Glamorous Grace look of the 1920’s resulting in a surge of “Peaky Blinders” themed events.
Our Peaky Blinders Booth sits perfect at such events where the men are dressed dashingly in the attire of penny collared shirts, bow ties, tweed suits, overcoats, cap toe Oxford style ankle boots and baker boy caps just like Tommy and Arthur Shelby whilst the ladies are glamorously dressed in long opulent beaded dresses with elbow length gloves with their hair styled in short waves decorated with a feather just like Polly (Aunt Pol).

As with all of our themed Photo Booths, our attention to detail is second to none. The front of the booth is adorned with black and white panels which captures the essence of that post Victorian look of the early 20th century. Adorning these front panels are posters featuring characters from the Peaky Blinders drama, the first poster is of Thomas Shelby, head of the family business. The second poster features some of the popular ladies who have been associated with the Shelby family such as Aunt Polly, Ada & Linda Shelby along with Lizzie Stark. These ladies are definitely a force to be reckoned with. The 3rd poster which sits by the entrance of the booth is a sign keeping with the family motto stating “Enter by Order of the Peaky Blinders”. The final poster features the most popular men from the series including Thomas, Arthur, John & Michael Shelby. The Photo Booth is further enhanced by black curtains with gold tiebacks and black side drapes.

To complete this amazing Photo Booth tribute to the Peaky Blinders there is a large sign above the doorway that depicts an iconic picture of the entire Shelby family marching along a typical terraced street in Birmingham full of menacing intent and on both sides of this image is the sign for their local pub, “The Garrison established 1919”. The sign is further enhanced by LED globe lights in soft white lining the perimeter to add a final touch of class.

QuirkyPhotoBooths always makes it their business to set the scene for their themed booths by providing an large array of props so that guests can enter into the spirit of the occasion and the Peaky Blinders theme is no exception. For the men we have Baker Boy hats, moustaches and toy guns and for elegant ladies we have feathered headbands, cloche hats and long cigarette holders.

Upon entering the Photo Booth guests are presented with a selection of greenscreen backgrounds to choose from to further enhance their photos. Choices on offer include a scene inside the Garrison Pub, the steelworks and even posing alongside Thomas Shelby and Arthur Shelby These greenscreen backgrounds make sure that your photos are fun and captures the very essence of the black country gangster scene of the early 20th Century.

To complete the photo booth experience the photos are printed onto a template of your choice and on offer is a range of authentic 1920s themes such as Art Deco styles, Great Gatsby styles featuring flapper girls or characters from the roaring 20s dancing the Charleston to gritty gangster styles The templates are further customised to include the name and date of the special event.

QuirkyPhotoBooths also provides a handcrafted guestbook for guests to place a copy of their photo in and write messages with the front cover depicting a scene from the Peaky Blinders series.

So if you are looking for a booth for your Peaky Blinders event then look no further, our attendant in his “dusty black coat” will direct you in with “his red right hand” because after all you are just a “microscopic cog in his catastrophic plan”

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