Four dresses and a drone – are weddings getting out of control?

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Four dresses and a drone – are weddings getting out of control? By Claire HealdBBC News 26 April 2017 From the sectionUK Image copyrightSHUTTERSTOCKImage captionDuck for the drone, darling! Three or four dress changes, a bevy of bridesmaids, photos taken by drone and its own #weddinghashtag. The modern wedding has begun to take on the […]

QuirkyPhotoBooths Handcrafted Prom Night Guest Books

QuirkyPhotoBooths are pleased to be involved in the Prom Night for Rushden Academy, Northamptonshire on Tuesday 4th July. As with all of our events ranging from Weddings, Parties, Corporate events to Prom Nights our clients receive unique beautifully handcrafted guest books. From our large range of themed booths Rushden Academy have chosen our Bling Prom […]

Dan & Jayne’s Wedding 10-06-17

  QuirkyPhotoBooths were pleased to attend the Wedding of Dan & Jayne in the beautiful South Northamptonshire village of Upper Boddington. Their reception was held at the local village hall that had been transformed into a stunning vintage themed room and within this setting we placed our Mr & Mrs Photo Booth. Adorned with flowers, […]

50 Years Later, Grandparents Slip On Their Old Wedding Outfits And Discover They Still Fit

  Wedding clothes are an incredibly important component of a couple’s big day. And though there are plenty of decisions, plans, and payments that go into those wedding suits and gowns, they’re usually only worn for a couple of hours, if that. Some choose to sport their wedding attire more than once, like this couple does, […]

Special Education Teacher Includes Her Entire Class In Her Wedding Party

A special education teacher invited her entire class to be in her wedding party, and the Internet melts When special ed teacher Kinsey French was planning her wedding, she knew there were a few people who needed to be part of the big day. She and her fiancé, Josh, for instance. They were pretty important. But […]

Bridesmaids Hold Rescue Puppies Instead of Flowers “The wedding party was loving all the puppy snuggles.”

BY CAITLIN JILL ANDERS SEPTEMBER 19, 2016 When planning a wedding, there’s a lot that has to be arranged. The flowers, the venue, the dress, the food – and for one wedding that took place recently, the puppies. Sarah Mallouk Crain works for Pitties Love Peace, a rescue organization in central Pennsylvania. She and her […]

Couple Gets Married On Mount Everest After Trekking For 3 Weeks, And Their Wedding Photos Are Epic!

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It’s been said that love can move mountains, but one California couple has proven that it can also climb them. Ashley Schmeider and James Sisson felt that a run-of-the-mill wedding ceremony wasn’t right for them – so they decided to get married on Mount Everest instead. As you can probably guess, their wedding photos are […]